Day 19 - Warmth

Now that we illuminated things yesterday, today we're getting warm and cozy.
Today's intention is WARMTH.
To me warmth is what this season is all about. It is the warm fuzzies, the happiest of moments, belly laughs, and thoughtfulness. Warmth is joy.
Your mission today, seek joy. Find the warmth. 
Even in the smallest areas of your life, seek it. Warmth does not have to be big or over the top; it can be the smallest thing that brings us happiness. Relish in the good feeling of hitting all green lights when you are running late. Enjoy every single drop of a delicious cup of coffee, or another treat you love. A pair of jeans that not only look great, but are ALSO comfortable. There are many ways we can seek joy in our daily lives, even when things maybe don't feel particularly joyful. And while you seek joy in your own life, remember you also bring joy to others.
A little anecdote about warmth, and joy, and romanticizing the mundane...
There are a few accounts that I follow on Instagram where the creators absolutely romanticize their lives; the coffee, the morning ritual, lunches with friends, the sheets on their bed. Now granted, I know insta is a highlight reel and I take it all with a grain of salt. There is a lot in a day that's hard to see through rose colored glasses.
HOWEVER... I have always wanted to be one of those people. Someone that finds magic in the mundane. For a long time I thought I just wasn't one of those people. I am a bit of, what some might call, a curmudgeon. Then one day, it happened. 
It was a day that wasn't going particularly great. I decided to eat my lunch outside on our back deck instead of at my desk working. The sun was shining but not too hot. A breeze came through the yard and kissed my skin just so. Instantly I was transported back in time to a trip to Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri. It was early on in relationship with my partner, Robert. We frequented Art Hill in Forest Park with sardine sandwiches and cheap wine from Trader Joes. This particular day, etched into my memory, was the perfect combination of weather and sunshine. I sat there, so incredibly happy and full of joy. The same breeze brushed over my arms. At that moment in time, I committed it all to memory. I told my brain to remember this moment and how happy I was. I thought that if I committed that breeze to memory, that someday in the future it would return to me. Robert saw me sitting upright with my hands on my lap, eyes closed, taking deep breaths. He asked if everything was okay. I said, "yep. I'm just making sure I remember how this feels." 
It is possible to find warmth and romanticize little part of your life that will come back at a later day or time. A day or time that you don't even know that you need them. For me, sometimes, it can seem silly to get so excited over something so small as a breeze or a cup of coffee or a smile from a stranger at the market. But, who does it harm? No one. And if we don't find the warmth and the joy, what will warm us up on the days that are cold. 
Journal prompts:
  • What do you feel particularly good about right now?
  • What excites you and makes you happy? 
  • What is a moment you remember that always makes you feel good? 

Today's gift: 

Today's gift is a No. 10 candle. It is warm and cozy. A little spicy and perfect for this season. So snuggle up with your favorite beverage, a cozy blanket, and spend sometime just being warm. 

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