Day 18 - Illumination

Think about the things we keep in the dark - our fears; our secrets; our shame.

Generally speaking, the things that feast on our joy. While there is a bit of self-preservation in storing those things away, there is also a lot that is lost when we let our shadows get the best of us. How do we walk that fine line? We change our mindset.

Now I am not one for toxic positivity. There are some things that just plain suck. No amount of spin, perspective and silver lining changes that. So, if you are in the middle of a place like that, maybe skip today's prompt and just enjoy the treat.

But if you can take a step back and look at the big picture, and integrate that with what you are trying to nurture, then let's talk about the things we need to bring to the light. The best way to do that is by circling back to day two an tapping into your intuition. Let go of the negative self-talk, the limiting what-ifs that probably will-not. What if you forget your fear and let your dreams drive for awhile?

Journal Prompts
What are you keeping in the shadows? Do those things need to stay there, or would sharing the burden with a trusted person lighten the load and take away some of their power?

Take some time to daydream? What are your pie in the sky hopes and dreams? What shadows are holding you back from pursuing these dreams?

How can you connect with your intuition to bring some of your shadows into the light and make some of those dreams come true?

Today's Gift
Today's gift is a room spray, specially branded for today's intention. If the scent smells familiar, that's because it is No. 08. This is a fresh scent that stirs up the energy in the room when it is around. It refreshes, brightens, illuminates, if you will. :) I keep this one around for the gloomy drab days of Minnesota winter where the sun is hidden behind the clouds. I hope you enjoy it!


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