Day 17 - Hope

Hope is a powerhouse. It's what gets us through adversity. It gets us through change and transformation.
Hope is how we approach the future with a sense of wonder. Hope is our reprieve from all of the muck, from the heaviness of the things that go wrong. I realize the past couple of days' prompts have been a bit heavy, more existential in nature.
Let's take a pause and relax a bit.
When I think about hope, I smile. Hope is sunshine. It's warm and bright. It's the happy parts of the holiday season. I know that this time of year isn't easy for everyone. Honestly, for many, many years the holiday season was my least favorite time of year. I hated the family events. I anticipated all of the awkward conversations on the hour drive to my parents. So, whether this time of year is easy or hard, today, I encourage you to find hope. Create your own sunshine. Do something that brings you absolute joy.
Things that bring me joy no matter what: 
  • waking up before my family and having my morning coffee in peace
  • finding the perfect read to fit my mood
  • my bathtub, especially in the winter when I can make the water hot and open the window to the cold Minnesota air
Take a minute and run through the journal prompts. Find some hope. Find some joy, even if it's something little. 
Journal prompts
  • What gives you a renewed sense of hope and faith right now?
  • How can you be hopeful for the hard things on the horizon? 
  • How are you treating yourself and replenishing your spirit for doing hard things?

Today's Gift

Today's gift is a perfume roller with a scent I absolutely adore. A scent rooted in hope and determination. A bit of bergamot, green florals, light musk, and cedar. If you follow me on instagram, you know that I love to read (hence the bookish collections). Today's scent is a version of Althea Zoltaire from the Legends of Thezmarr series. Althea is such a strong main character. She's hopeful. She's determined. I hope you love it. 

To use the perfume roller, give it a little shake and rub the roller on your pulse points (behind the ears and on the wrists). 


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