Day 16 - Transformation

Today let's focus on transformation. Specifically, the transformations we usher in. The ones we embrace with open arms. The ones we experience when we're embark on a journey to shake things up, like you are with this daily self-care practice.

Being open to new ideas, change, and beliefs can be scary. It can be overwhelming. It can also be a really beautiful thing if it is what you truly want. There is something very powerful in growth. Not only can it benefit you, but also those in your orbit.

There have been a few major moments in my life were I truly experienced transformation. They were all very rocky in the start. Some transformations were welcomed and my choice, others, not so much. Similar to transition, from day thirteen, I immediately conjure up images of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Only today I think of the actual transformation, not just the beginning shifts of things changing. This is the burning down. The falling apart. The coming undone so that the rebirth and growth can happen. 

Now, maybe what you're experiencing isn't that significant. And that is okay. One little droplet in a lake causes a very big ripple. So no matter where you are on this ride, take a deep breath and settle into the updated version of yourself that's coming.

Journal Prompts

  • What changes and shifts are you experiencing as you move through these 25 days?
  • Are any of those changes unexpected?
  • What new welcome elements are emerging in your life?

Today's Gift

Today's gift is a another reed diffuser. This time for scent No. 26, the most popular from my winter collection. There are a lot of correspondences that relate to transformation in the rich woods of the forest. I love that for change and transformation. Read more about the scent below.

No. 26 celebrates winter in the North. One of my very favorite things about winter is how quiet snow makes everything. It's deafening. No. 26 recognizes the loud silence of a walk through the forest - the thick smell of wood, the earth is coated in ice, and the night's sky is covered in diamonds. 

Scent Profile

Top Notes: Ozone, Eucalyptus

Middle Notes: Cypress, Sage, Blackberry, Pine

Base Notes: Juniper, Cedar, Fir, Amber, Oakmoss

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