Day 14 - Balance

Balance is the hardest thing to achieve this time of year, at least for me anyway.

There are so many indulgences at our finger tips—food and drink (my favorite parts of the season), camaraderie, and celebration on the good side; overspending, comparison, and envy on the not so great side. At the half-way mark of the season, I think balance is an important intention to call in to our daily lives.

Balance is the most important thing we can harness. It is harmony. It is the cornerstone of so many of the positive emotions that we feel. In a time when the scales seem to tip towards the excess, it is important to stay grounded and find balance. Think about how you've felt recently. 

Journal Prompts

  • Is balance and harmony present in your life? 
  • Are you actively protecting your inner peace with a commitment to balance? 
  • How can you create more balance in your life?

Today's Gift

Today's gift is a simmer pot built around the intention of balance. There are chamomile flowers, lavender buds, orange slices, and eucalyptus. All of these plants have correspondences rooted in things that promote balance. Chamomile for balance, calm emotions, grounding, growth, creativity, harmony, and intuition. Lavender for focus and concentration, clarity, luck, inner peace, renewal, release, courage, and strength. Orange for love, luck, and money. Eucalyptus for healing and protection. 

I love a good simmer pot, especially this time of year. To use this gift simply add the contents of the paper envelope to a bot, cover with several cups of water, and simmer on the stove like you would mulling spices or a soup. Don't eat the simmer pot, it is NOT soup. Be sure to keep the simmer on low and add water as needed. When you're finished with your simmer pot, drain the water and use a strainer to keep the plant matter from going down the drain. You can also dry out the ingredients and simmer it again, if you like. 

Bonus  Tip: If you have an orange lying around, add slice it up and add it to the simmer pot. When I have a simmer pot on the stove I usually like to use a combo of fresh and dried ingredients. 



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