Day 6 - Emotion

Day 6 - Emotion

This is your sign, your friendly reminder, whatever you want to call it, to stop for a second, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and unclench your jaw.

Emotions are high this time of year. We're hustling. We're bustling. Some of us are thriving, others are just surviving. (It's me, I'm others) No matter the reason you're feeling all of the feels, know that that it is okay. The holidays, in reality, are not the highlight reel that you see on the internet. 

When you feel all those emotions bubbling up, remember that. When you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, just staring off into the distance, remember this exercise. Even a 15 second pause can bring you back to the present.

Journal Prompts:
How do you connect with your emotions each day?

Do the way you process and feel your emotions align with your personal values and beliefs? Is there one small thing you can do to bring these things into alignment?

How can you bring more love and compassion into your life?

Today's Gift: 

Today's gift is a No. 28 candle. This candle made its debut in the shop in 2022 as part of the love collection. It is all about self-love. I developed the scent, like I always do, by starting with an intention and working with the plant allies that have correspondences rooted in that intention. I also wanted to formulate a candle that could be paired with my self-love bath oil, soaking salts, and tea. A little rose for a lot of love. Geranium for health, protection, and love. Lavender for peace, love, and happiness. 

Candle Care Tips: 

Check out this blog post, for tips on how to get the most out of your candle!


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