Day 03 - Nurture

Day 03 - Nurture

Nurture. This is a word that can mean many things depending on the person. For me, the idea of nurturing, conjures images of cozy days reading with a favorite beverage snuggled in a blanket. It's also cooking a warm, comforting meal for my family, and tending to what their needs.

During the holidays, when were at the height of the hustle and bustle (which is just over the horizon, folks), it is easy to forget to nurture ourselves. In my opinion, there's not a lot that corresponds more with the holiday season than nurturing. We're nurturing our spirit at celebrations and gatherings. There's nurturing in the traditions that we keep to honor our families. It is also a time of year that can be very difficult for folks, and that right there is why we must nurture ourselves.

Today is for taking a moment to check-in with yourself, how are you feeling about the weeks ahead? Are you taking care of yourself, and maybe others, as you move through the holidays?

Journal Prompts:
How can I show love and compassion to myself (and others) this season?

What is one thing that you can do each day to nourish and honor your spirit?

How can I reframe my thoughts around filling my own cup, before I pour into the cups of others?

Today's gift is a perfume oil to honor and nourish your spirit. A scent inspired by rich beauty, thoughtful creativity, abundance, and the things that bring us a deep, soulful sense of joy. To use this perfume oil, rub the roller behind the ears and on the wrist. Apply as needed throughout the day.

If you love today's scent, and want to re-order when your perfume runs out, check out The Empress - a scent inspired by the tarot. 


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