Day 24 - Abundance

Abundance is having a moment. You see that word all over the place online and in real life. I'm not talking about the abundance we see during the holiday season. The negative kind, of over doing it.

I am talking about the good kind. The kind that is joy, happiness, and good. Over the last few years, we as a collective, have sort of realized and decided we need more abundance in our lives. That we need to create abundance and happiness in our lives because there are so many outside forces making life, not. that. way.

I truly believe that we all have a fundamental right to abundance in our lives.

Now, what does that look like? Depends on the person. Abundance can mean so many different things. Oftentimes it is associated with physical wealth and prosperity. For me, abundance is enough hours in the day to tackle the to-do list. It's quality time with my family with out the burden of work's tasks in the back of my brain. There there are many ways we can find abundance within our daily lives. An abundance of joy, or love, or self-acceptance.

Abundance is all around us if we choose to see it.

Journal Prompts
Do you focus on what you have and what you deserve? If not, how might things change if you used your energy in gratitude?
Where is your life abundant right now?
How can you choose to find abundance in your life?

Today's Gift

Is lavender patchouli bath oil. Personally, I have a love hate relationship with patchouli. Maybe it is because I'm a child of the 90s. Or it could just be that sometimes it stinks. But I was inspired to create this combination from a song by Qveen Herby. The song is called Marie Antoinette. Give it a listen if you want, but be warned it is explicit. I have been a fan of Qveen Herby since back in the early days of Karmin doing covers on YouTube. A few years back, Amy debuted Qveen Herby and her music has been a source of inspiration ever since. I turn to her music anytime I need to pump myself up. Anytime I need to remember how powerful I am in my own ways. I have a whole playlist devoted to it actually (shoot me a message if you'd like the link). 

It also helps that both lavender and patchouli have many correspondences with abundance - money, success, wealth, renewal, manifestation, creativity, attraction, grounding, and harmony. 

This oil can be used on your body, to dress candles for ritual, in the bath, in floor washes (although, a very little goes a long way. You don't want your floors to be too slippery). I use it almost as much as I used the cleansing and protection oil. 

I hope you enjoy it. 



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