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The Night and Its Moon Collection Set

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Do you want to try all of The Night and Its Moon collection, but don't want to commit to the 6 oz tins or 11 oz jars? Try this collection sample set. Featuring 2 oz. tins or 9 oz. limited edition gold lined jars of each of the six signature scents. 

Please note, this set has been changed as of 2/29. Any orders placed before 2/29 do not contain Yazlyn and Tanith scents. Orders placed on 2/29 will begin shipping on 3/5.

Amaris - a verdant scent that smells of juniper, the forest, and melting snow.

Top Notes: juniper, pine and eucalyptus
Middle Notes: green floral and cypress
Base Notes: sage, oakmoss, and cedar

Nox - cinnamon and plums, always plums

Top Notes: plum, citrus peel, and honey
Middle Notes: black cherry, pomegranate, and coriander
Base Notes: dark musk, amber, and geranium

Ash - 'The Pumpkin Spice Reever' this candle features notes of fall, with a dash of fierce warrior.

Top Notes: cinnamon, citrus, green leaves
Middle Notes: gin, green leaves, apple, amber
Base Notes: cedar, cypress, pecan, amyris

Gadriel - a captivating scent blends the Raascot General's signature black cherry scent with subtle notes of leather and smoke. 

Top Notes: saffron, citrus, spruce
Middle Notes: black cherry, black currant, sage
Base Notes: dark musk, amber, leather, smoke

Yazlyn - the jammy scent we've come to expect from the Rasscot fae; an intoxicating scent of blackberries, champagne, with a hit of light musk and leather.

Top Notes: champagne, blackberry, amber
Middle Notes: blackberry raspberry, shea, saffron
Base Notes: praline, light musk, tonka, wood, leather

Tanith - a unique blend of citrus, jasmine, and ginger

Top Notes: citrus peel & petitgrain
Middle Notes: green leaves, ginger, jasmine
Base Notes: vetiver, saffron, powder
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The Night and Its Moon Collection Set

Customer Reviews

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Amber S
Night and it’s moon

I am so happy that a set was offered so I could enjoy all of these. The scents are all very pleasant. Now I have to decide which one I want in a larger size! Thanks for making such a wonderful product!


PERFECT pairing with the books!