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Nox Room + Linen Spray — a scent inspired by The Night and Its Moon

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"This was Nox’s room, and it radiated her scent. The air was thick with plums and dark spices." (The Night and Its Moon, Book 1, Chapter 19)


Scent Profile

     Top Notes: plum, citrus peel, and honey

     Middle Notes: black cherry, pomegranate, and coriander

     Base Notes: dark musk, amber,  and geranium

Product Description

A light and portable spray that comes in your favorite fragrances. Most scents are available in two sizes - 2 oz. travel size (pictured) and 8 oz. size. Both will arrive in black glass spray bottles.


Purified Water, Polysorbate-20, Disodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance


Use room and linen spray throughout the home. Spray 2-4 times as needed in the air, on bed linens and sofas, or on your person as a body splash.

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Nox Room + Linen Spray  — a scent inspired by The Night and Its Moon

Customer Reviews

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❤️ 💕 💕

They smell so good! Just like I imagined from the book. Thank you!

Madai Vidal

This smells INCREDIBLE! And the great thing is that the scent lasts for a good while. Also Lindy, thank you so much for sending my missing item and for the extras! So very kind of you! Definitely will order again!

(P.s) my roommate loves the scents she’s definitely going to check you guys out!