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Nox Perfume Oil — a scent inspired by The Night and Its Moon

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"This was Nox’s room, and it radiated her scent. The air was thick with plums and dark spices." (The Night and Its Moon, Book 1, Chapter 19)


Scent Profile

     Top Notes: plum, citrus peel, and honey

     Middle Notes: black cherry, pomegranate, and coriander

     Base Notes: dark musk, amber,  and geranium 

Product Description

10 ML is a glass roller bottle with a bamboo lid.

1 oz. refill kit is a one ounce dropper bottle with rollerball key tool. The refill kit DOES NOT contain a roller bottle.

If you do not have a roller bottle, please purchase the 10ML option separately.


Proprietary fragrance blend and jojoba oil

    Nox Perfume Oil — a scent inspired by The Night and Its Moon

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Absolute favorite

    I could be biased since Nox is my favorite character but I love this scent and this is the only scent I can see myself wearing for the foreseeable future

    Absolutely Perfect!

    I love this perfume so much! It's my new go to. I loved it so much I got a second one for my gym locker so I can always smell good!

    Alyssa Black

    Nox Perfume Oil — a scent inspired by The Night and Its Moon

    Emily Brand
    Beyond my Imagination

    I read TNAIM and Nox quickly became my favorite character, the way Piper described Nox's scent sounded magical. The scent of the oil perfume is better than I could have ever Imagined. I have never smelled anything like this: the sweet plum mixed with corriander is intoxicating. It quickly became my go to scent.

    Amazing Scent

    My only complaint is that the bottle is small because I literally want to bathe in it. It’s fantastic.