How do you recharge? We must make space for ourselves each day to refill our energy stores. Perhaps it is movement. Perhaps it is yoga and meditation. Perhaps it is a comfy pair of sweatpants and a good book after a long day at work. Whatever makes you feel good, find time for it each day. Remember, the days when you feel like it is impossible to find time to replenish yourself, those are likely the days you need it most.
  • What are a few small things you can do on days when you don’t feel like you have time for yourself that will refill your cup? Keep this list handy and use it on the days you need it. 
  • What helps you stay calm and grounded? 
  • How do you support others emotionally? Can you offer yourself that same emotional support?
Today's treat is a calming bath tea. Whenever I'm feeling depleted,  I like to step my bath up a bit. This tea has lavender and chamomile flowers to promote relaxation. You can drop the tea straight in the bath, or pour it in the schachet provided. Simply let the flowers steep in the bath like tea. Hop in the tub and enjoy.  Don't have a tub? No problem! Soaking your feet is another option. Get a large bowl, follow the same instructions above and pamper your toes. 

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