Holding onto things that are familiar and comfortable can give us a sense of security in a world that oftentimes feels chaotic. It’s natural for us to create space and hold onto the things that make us feel good. However, when we hold onto things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives, we can feel overwhelmed, resentful, and stuck in a rut. 

  • Are there things (mental or physical) that you’re holding onto that no longer serve a purpose? What are they?
  • What could you make space for if you didn’t hold onto things that no longer serve you? 
  • What good will come from holding onto these things?

Today's treat is a keychain from Thread Joy. Thread Joy is run by my friend Olivia here in the Twin Cities. Her fiber art is absolutely beautiful. When I set out to build this box I knew two things. One, I wanted to showcase some of my favorite artists. Two, I wanted there to be something that we could carry with us each day to remind us of this journey. I chose to pair this keychain with the release prompt so that it could serve as a reminder to us daily of the things we're releasing. Another reason is because my friend Olivia and I have shared many conversations over anxiety, OCD, and just general mental illness. Release is a positive way to deal with these things.

For me, I work a lot to release my fear and anxiety. Pre-pandemic I struggled with social interactions, leaving the house, and just being in public in general. Post-pandemic? Woof. Forget about it. That was a big part of the reason I did the NE Minneapolis farmer's market this year. Just to put myself out there. With lots of therapy and support from my friends and partner, things are getting better. A lot of that has to do with letting things go. It isn't easy. It's not particularly fun. But it is possible. I hope this keychain can serve as a reminder of all of the things you're capable of and that you find use for it each day. 

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