Patience is a virtue. In this era of instant and often constant gratification, it is easy to lose sight of patience. It can be hard to tolerate delays and disappointment. Sometimes the easiest way to practice patience is being mindful of your frustration. When something comes up that is irritating, stop. Take a deep breath. Count to five. 
  • When you don’t immediately react to a stimulus, what is the outcome? Is that outcome different from when you immediately react? 
  • What is the root cause of your anger and frustration? Are you investing your energy in the right activities?
  • How can you create more space for patience in your life? 
Today's treat is a simmer pot. I absolutely love simmer pots. They fill a space with warmth and intention. This simmer pot is for calming and patience. The lavender, eucalyptus,  and citrus will make your space feel tranquil. As the season gets busier, and busier, I hope your able to find moments where you can practice patience. 

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