Seek joy. Even in the smallest areas of your life, seek it. Joy does not have to be big or over the top; it can be the smallest thing that brings us happiness. Joy is hitting all green lights when we are running late. A delicious cup of coffee, or another treat you love. A pair of jeans that look great AND are comfortable. There are many ways we can seek joy in our daily lives, even when things maybe don't feel particularly joyful. And while you seek joy in your own life, remember you also bring joy to others.

  • What do you feel particularly good about right now?
  • What excites you and makes you happy? 
  • Where can you seek more joy?

Today's treat is the Happiness candle. It's exclusive to the 25-Days of Self-Care box, but it's so good I might add it to the rotation next year. :) This scent has a lot of different citrus peel in it. Citrus is a scent profile that naturally elevates the vibe. It's energetic. It's, well, happy. True to my love of the grounding nature of wood, earth, and nature, you know I couldn't miss the opportunity to toss in a little sage, moss, and earthy scents. The profile is rounded out with rich and ripe berries - think currant and blackberries. 

Remember to burn your candle for at least one hour the first burn, to ensure the wax pool makes it to the edge of the vessel. By burning your candle to the edge and keeping the wick trimmed to 1/4" you'll get the most out of the estimated burn time.  

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