Intuition - our instinct, our gut, our Jiminy Cricket. Intuition is the constant communication we receive from our heart, mind, and body. It is what connects us to our purpose, our highest good. It is also one of the things we often ignore when it doesn't align with our wants and our desires. Today I invite you to sit and connect with your intuition. To evaluate how you interact with the messages your body is sending you and how honoring your intuition can help you find peace.

  • When was a time that you trusted your intuition and it benefited you? How did that make you feel? 
  • What is your heart, mind, and body telling you at this moment?
  • How can you develop your relationship with your intuition?


Your treat today is a custom candle, exclusive to the self-care boxes. The intuition candle was based off of plants, trees, flowers, and herbs that help us lean into our intuition. My hope is that you can burn it in times you feel unsure or need a little boost in trusting your gut and you'll find the answers that you need. 

Remember to burn your candle for at least one hour the first burn, to ensure the wax pool makes it to the edge of the vessel. By burning your candle to the edge and keeping the wick trimmed to 1/4" you'll get the most out of the estimated burn time. 

Your vessel is reusable. The labels are removeable. The soy-coconut wax used is water soluble. Simply wash the vessel when your finished to remove any remaining wax.  


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