Hope is a powerhouse. It's what gets us through adversity. Hope is how we approach the future with a sense of wonder. Hope is our reprieve from all of the muck, from the heaviness of the things that go wrong. Today, I encourage you to find hope. Create your own sunshine. Think about things that are coming up that might not be easy. 

  • What gives you a renewed sense of hope and faith right now?
  • How can you be hopeful for the hard things on the horizon? 
  • How will you replenish and nourish your spirit for doing hard things?

Today's treat is a No. 1 candle. Not only is this candle seasonally appropriate, the pine, poplar, and spruce notes that make up the woody scent hold correspondence to hope. When I first developed No. 1 I wanted a scent that embodied the season and the hope for the future we feel this time of year.  I hope this resonates with you as you burn your No. 1 and the scent fills your space. 

Remember to burn your candle for at least one hour the first burn, to ensure the wax pool makes it to the edge of the vessel. By burning your candle to the edge and keeping the wick trimmed to 1/4" you'll get the most out of the estimated burn time. 

Your vessel is reusable. The labels are removeable. The soy-coconut wax used is water soluble. Simply wash the vessel when your finished to remove any remaining wax.  

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