Who is your village? We are social beings. Even those of us that are very, very introverted want to have a sense of community. We seek out personal relationships with others, our friends and family (chosen or biological). Take a moment to identify your community and what you love about it.

  • How can you enjoy the company of your friends and family? 
  • What can you celebrate with your people? 
  • How are you surrounded by love and abundance?

Today's treat is a No. 24 candle. A candle that is reminiscent of autumn bonfires with friends. I thought that was a perfect fit for today's prompt. Take a moment today, to spend some time in community - with a friend, family, or even yourself. 

Remember to burn your candle for at least one hour the first burn, to ensure the wax pool makes it to the edge of the vessel. By burning your candle to the edge and keeping the wick trimmed to 1/4" you'll get the most out of the estimated burn time. 

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